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Decoration Ideas

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Cinnamon-covered poinsettia

These cinnamon-covered poinsettias are the lovely variety “Marblestar”. Their pink bracts, outlined in white, are surrounded by delicious dark green foliage.

Fragrant cinnamon sticks are great for more than just adding spice to food. They become an interesting eye-catcher as a decorative frame for these bi-coloured midi poinsettias. With just a few accessories and a few easy steps, you can create a decorative, natural pot holder that has its own special charm. Instead of using the mini poinsettias as cut flowers, they are kept in the pot. In order to create the slender, vase-like look of the flower arrangement, the poinsettias are placed on a base of dry or moist floral foam inside the cinnamon cloak. The base and poinsettia pot are wrapped in moss – giving the entire arrangement a lovely, natural look.

Step 1:
This is how it’s done: cubes made of dry or moist floral foam form the base of the arrangement. They are cut into a round form and wrapped in sheet moss and wire, providing a natural cover for the base. The poinsettia pot, which is later placed on the base, is also surrounded with moss.

Step 2:
Cinnamon sticks of up to 30 cm length are available in craft stores, decoration and flower shops. Depending on the size of the pot, around 30 sticks are used. First, these are shortened to the right height for the base and the poinsettia pot. The cinnamon sticks are then affixed to the outside of the rounded base block using a hot glue gun. The cinnamon sticks may extend to different heights.

Step 3:
Once this has been done, add the poinsettia. To ensure that everything stays dry, place the poinsettia pot in a plastic freezer bag. The pot is wrapped in sheet moss and wire to prevent the plastic from shining through the cinnamon holder.

Step 4:
The prepared poinsettia is then placed inside the finished cinnamon vase. Your homemade plant holder is now finished – it’s even great for candles!