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Decoration Ideas

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Poinsettia wreath

This poinsettia wreath is magnificently eye-catching for a festively decorated table! !

Step 1:
The base of the poinsettia wreath is made out of floral foam in the form of a ring with a suitable saucer underneath. Fir and other evergreen branches are arranged to completely conceal the base.

Step 2:
A strong wire is stuck through the middle of each Advent candle so they can be fixed to the wreath.

Step 3:
Seal the cut stems of poinsettia and the points at which foliage was removed using a candle flame or dip in hot water until the milky fluid stops seeping out. Then place the stems in the floral foam. The twigs will stay fresh in the moist foam for up to two weeks and can be easily replaced with new ones.