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Decoration Ideas

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That touch of (artificial) mink

“That touch of (artificial) mink”. The Christmas star diva covers its beauty with a noble winter fur. A very special appearance for a very special Christmas Star.

The gleaming spathaceous bracts of the lush Christmas star have a fine, red-white design. The Christmas star leaves have a filigree shape and nestle closely to the furry collar of the extravagant vase. An added decoration: glass balls in matt red and rust tones.

You can quickly make this far from everyday attire for the winter Christmas star diva yourself.

Step 1:
A strip of double-sided sticky tape is attached down the entire height of a simple glass container, around 30 cm high with a diameter of about 20 cm.

Step 2:
The container is tightly wrapped in a cut piece of artificial fur. The fur is pressed firmly against the container and the remainder that sticks out over the container is pressed loosely inwards.

Step 3:
A beige-coloured satin ribbon in two different widths is wound tightly around the fur vase. The ribbon is stapled tight with a stapler.

Step 4:
The satin bow is folded beforehand and attached to the lower satin ribbon so that it is not visible to the eye.

Step 5:
A crumpled piece of paper ensures that the Christmas star stands at the right height in the high vase.

Step 6:
The Christmas star pot is placed in a small plastic bag to prevent moisture leaking out and then placed in the prepared vase. The twigs are pushed together slightly, helping to make the plant look thicker and lusher.