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Decoration Ideas

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Trendy and bold

This poinsettia with a natural, fluffy look serves perfectly as a small gift during Advent. Make yourself a nice present, as homemade presents give you a very special pleasure.

Step 1:
Remove the paper sleeve from a ball of wool - ideally in the recipient's favourite colour - and fix a felt ribbon with hot-melt adhesive in the middle. Seal the ribbon ends with a star as decoration.

Step 2:
Fill an orchid tube with water and put it into the middle of the ball of wool. Subsequently, secure the ball of wool on a glass plate or the lid of a pickling jar with a pin holder (handicraft shop).

Step 3:
Cut off a twig of poinsettia and seal the end of the stem over a candle flame to stop the sap from running out. Thus cut, the poinsettia twigs stay fresh for up to 14 days!